About Us

Our mission:

Inspiring and celebrating excellence in the Sylvania Schools’ community.

The Sylvania Academic Excellence Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to stimulating academic excellence and quality programming in the Sylvania schools. Established in 1985 through a bequest from the estate of Augustus Zimmerman, an employee of the district, the Foundation now works to increase the endowment and allocate funds to enhance education in the Sylvania community.

The Foundation operates independently from the Board of Education. It is governed by its own board of trustees – drawn from the community, district teaching staff, and school administration.

Each year, the Foundation provides financial support for District-wide projects that would not otherwise be covered through the regular Board of Education budget. Funding for these enrichment programs is made in the form of grants for programs. The Foundation has distributed over $90,000 since 1987 to about 200 teachers to help fund enrichment programs, special projects, and materials and equipment – generally improving the quality of learning for literally hundreds of Sylvania School students. This amount grows from year to year as community support increases.

Students have become increasingly “digital” learners. Classes in all the schools now utilize technology daily. For example, teachers and students use Smartboards (interactive chalkboards) and iPads for lessons as well as to communicate with students around the world via the Internet. With the District’s commitment to technology integration, technology needs are increasing. The Foundation is looking ahead to supporting new technology initiatives with the District in coming years.